Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Vinegar is used in household items from ancient times. Due to its benefits, vinegar has been in context with foods in every age. It has lots of benefits in terms of improving the health due to which, it has become a remedy in many of the diseases. Following are and proven benefits of apple cider vinegar which is one of the most popular forms of vinegar.

1. The presence of the acetic acid – The presence of acetic acid makes it useful as remedies for various symptoms that include from fungal infection to ear canals. It has been biologically and medically so much relevant that, diluted vinegar is used in treating outer ear canal infections as such.

2. Antibacterial property – This kind of vinegar has an antibacterial property which means it is an effective agent against bacteria. This property of vinegar is known to mankind since old ages and hence vinegar is used as food preservatives as it is known to prohibit growing of bacteria such as E Coli.

3. Role in controlling blood sugar and fighting ability against diabetes – The apple cider vinegar is especially useful for diabetes type 2 which is characterized by insulin resistance or inability to produce a required amount of insulin. It also is known to decrease the blood sugar level by a significant margin so even if you don’t have diabetes, still intake of vinegar could keep blood sugar in check.

4. Role as a weight loss agent – The Apple cider Vinegar is also known to aid the weight losing procedure by balancing your body metabolism. Since it directly affects the blood sugar level, it is already evident that it will aid in losing weight too.

5. Lowers the cholesterol level – This Vinegar also reduces the cholesterol level and hence can impact in reducing heart diseases. Since it plays so efficiently in decreasing cholesterol, vinegar can also reduce the chance of atherosclerosis.